A website puts you out there…but it’s your brand that makes you memorable!

With over 172 million active websites online, how do you stand out from the crowd? By amplifying your most unique asset—yourself!

Build My brandiD is a one-stop-shop for your business and brand-building needs. You’ll find personal branding tools, WordPress themes, and customization packages that empower YOU to tell your story and stand out from the crowd.

What does it take to turn your grandest vision into reality? Confidence in your brand. Clarity in your message. And a website that effectively communicates both.

That’s why we provide:

Branding tools—like our Build Your Brand Book—that will help you uncover and clarify your personal brand

Fully customizable WordPress themes, strategically designed and built to help you tell your story and make your brand unforgettable

Copywriting templates and guides that work seamlessly with the theme of your choice

Web customization packages that take the tech off your plate (and puts in the hands of an expert!)

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Products to Help You Step Up and Stand Out

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A word on your personal brand.

Crafting your personal brand can help you define your platform, identify your target market or community, increase your confidence, and speak your truth to the world. Doing so is part self-discovery, part marketing, and a hundred percent essential to growing a successful business.

Want your website to work for you? Start with crafting your personal brand. Then share it with the world.