Making the Move from Expert to
The Industry Leader in Your Marketplace

A Masterclass on Positioning Your Brand


“Few small companies can nail the promise of ‘one-stop-shop,’ but brandiD does – which is why they’re my default recommendation when people are ready to start having their platform work for them instead of working against it.

We continue to work with brandiD because they help us stay focused on business growth, and we can also tap into their considerable expertise in branding, copy, and digital marketing strategy.”

Charlie Gilkey

Founder of Productive Flourishing

“Uncovering my personal brand has helped my podcast go from zero episodes to 250+ episodes with listeners in 90+ countries hearing my message, because, for the first time, every single thing I’ve put out into the world has a lot of intention behind it.

If you’re anything like me, for a very long time you thought having a great brand, being known in your industry, and getting your message out into the world required the use of tips and strategy you can find online. But brandiD made me realize that the answers live inside me.”

Brian Lofrumento

Author, Speaker & Entrepreneur

“Not only will they make manifest what’s deep inside your heart and mind, it will be beautifully executed, and you will attract your ideal clients.

Even if you are starting the process with more questions than answers, as well as a fuzzy picture of your desired end game, fret not. Via questionnaires, thought-provoking exercises, gentle conversations, and continual dialogue, brandiD will champion your project.”

Susie deVille

Author, Business Coach, and Founder of Innovation & Creativity Institute

You’ve built a successful business that pays you and your team well. The next step is to build an online reputation that attracts higher quality leads, faster.

In this short presentation for successful business owners and CEO’s, we’ll dive into you:

  • The Soul-Searching process to identify exactly what makes you unique in the industry and how to clearly communicate that differentiation.
  • Attracting the clients who want exactly what you’re offering and how to go about finding more of them.
  • Amplifying the key activities that communicate to your audience why you and your unique approach are the perfect fit for them.
  • Outlining the team, systems and processes that makes all this happen without you having to do every single thing.

This brief presentation is definitely something you don’t want to miss.

Rachel Gogos, founder of brandiD


Hi, I’m Rachel!

I’m the founder and CEO of brandiD–an agency that helps you build your brand and business on the web by aligning your profession with your soul’s work. Before launching the brandiD I was an editor at The Wall Street Journal, a communications specialist at the United Nations and a business strategist at an Internet consulting company. Most recently I’ve authored Build Your Brand: The Soul-Based Guide to Digital Marketing and I’m the host of The Business of You Podcast.

My mission is to partner with you to achieve your wildest business dreams by building your online presence and platform so you can profit with purpose.

Making the Move from Expert to
The Industry Leader in Your Marketplace

A Masterclass on Positioning Your Brand

For A Stellar Online Reputation and Accelerated Revenue Growth Over the Next 12 Months