Hello! Pro 3 Personal Branding WordPress Theme


“Hello, it’s me.” With a nod to Adele, that’s exactly what this theme says. Much like one of those old-school nametags (only way better looking), this template will help you create a website that makes a power-packed splash on the web.

Yours can be a wildly bold hello or a more smooth, subtle hello depending on the colors, fonts and images you use with this template. A site like this says to your visitors, “Welcome! Come on in, get comfortable, and let me share a little (or a lot) about myself.”

We really believe in the power and quality of Genesis! In order for our themes to function properly they require the Genesis Framework. Please click here to make your one-time Genesis purchase if you do not already have it.

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Freshly updated to be compatible with Gutenberg, here’s what you can now enjoy:

  • All the new features of Gutenberg Editor
  • Use the new One-Click Demo Install feature of Genesis 2.9+, which automatically creates the foundational pages of your site, including Home, About, Landing Page example, Gutenberg Blocks example, and Contact Me. It’s like magic! And, you have the flexibility to configure to make them your own.
  • Use the Customizer to define colors for this theme and in your Gutenberg blocks

Here’s what else we love about Gutenberg:

  • Easily create pages knowing how they will look in real-time as you create them
  • No more fussing with widgets and code on the back end
  • Easily create complicated page layouts


Version 3.0.1

  • Gutenberg Optimized — styles match on the front and back end, giving you a true WYSIWYG experience
  • Uses the One-Click Demo Install feature of Genesis 2.8+
    • Automatically setup the following Demo pages with one click: Home, About Me, Landing Page example, Gutenberg Blocks example, Contact Me
    • Creates a new Header Navigation menu containing the Demo pages and assigns it to the header navigation area
  • Use the Customizer to easily define Theme Colors, and use those colors in your Gutenberg Blocks
  • Optional Sticky Header Navigation
  • Rotating content area (Testimonials, News, etc)
  • Opt-in ready
  • Homepage portfolio area
  • Mobile-ready responsive design

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