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Get an Underground Copy of the brandiD Workbook!

Your business has a secret weapon… YOU! Learn how to stand out

Looking to stand out and establish yourself as an expert in your industry? It’s time to make your story shine.

Discover the secret formula that leading authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, and authority figures are using to become recognized and revered.

Uncover Your True Essence and shine.

When it comes to standing out in a crowded marketplace, your business has one secret weapon… YOU! Leading entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, and authority figures all understand how to best utilize their secret weapons, eliminating competition and making them stand out from the crowd.

In addition to working closely with business and personal branding gurus like William Arruda and Jonathan Fields, the brandiD team has helped build leading personal brands across industries… from coaches to consultants to service providers and agencies. 

Personal branding is about communicating and marketing your authentic self. It’s not about showing off or boasting, it’s not being self-centered or ego driven. It’s simply knowing exactly who you are and articulating your value proposition consistently, clearly, and constantly.

Over the past six years brandiD CEO Rachel Gogos has been reading, researching, and culling some of the best advice and exercises from some of the greatest minds out there. Then, she combined that collective wisdom with practices that she developed to build her own business. The outcome of all that intellect is wrapped into a framework that the brandiD has been using ever since.

This workbook will be helpful for you if you are starting a new business, launching a new product, or building your personal brand.

“This process of exploring their personal brand and how it impacts their business brand is provocative, profound, and a catalyst for powerful change,” says Rachel. “Clients always tell me how surprised they are by how much impact the results have. It’s a real game-changer as far as how they see their businesses—and themselves.”

For the very first time, get your hands on the exact step-by-step personal branding workbook used with clients who pay $20K+ to establish themselves as industry leaders.

Meet the Author

Rachel Gogos

Rachel Gogos is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for people, the web, and creating strong personal brands. She started her career at the United Nations headquarters in New York city, where she helped create the look and feel for the organization’s first website. Today, in her current role running brandiD, Rachel channels over 15 years of marketing and communications experience into each and every website for brandiD’s clients.

Rachel was also a contributing author to Personal Branding For Dummies (Wiley), the #1 top-selling personal branding book on For four years Rachel acted as the Editor-in-Chief of YOUnique, one of the few newsletters focusing exclusively on personal branding and building online identities, published by industry guru William Arruda.

Some Brands We’ve Helped Build…

I am astounded at the power of the web and the results from clarifying my brand and gaining a fresh point of view on my business approach. brandiD’s expertise goes far beyond design. The time and money I invested in this process have already been earned back by new business. Working with brandiD was a powerful experience—one I would recommend to anyone looking to breathe new life into their business.

Rosemarie Perla

Coaching & Consulting

I couldn’t be happier with the service levels and results I got from Rachel and her team at BrandiD. They provided the tools for self reflection to get to what you really wanted to communicate to the world and the expertise to position your message in an innovative way. At each step the staff was highly intelligent, creative and easy to work with.

David Bishop

Owner, David Bishop Media

Rachel provides strategic guidance and asks thoughtful questions that have helped us think through multiple elements of our business as we develop our brand and grow our online presence. She has been a source of valuable business connections and insights, all of which will help us take our business to the next level.

Emily Green

Director of Fit Moms For Life

I can’t thank Rachel and brandiD team enough for all the work they do on the front end… helping me ‘get inside’ of my brand, in finding ways to connect to my mission of raising the consciousness of business cultures through meditation. Rachel has a gift for pattern recognition, in aligning your brand strengths to color schemes, site layout, service offerings, and fonts.

Kristoffer KC Carter

Culture Expert for Rapid-Growth Teams

want to reach and wow your audience online and in person?


A game-changing framework for self-discovery, personal branding, marketing and online authority building by notable personal brander and online business builder Rachel Gogos. Whether you’re an entrepreneur starting a business, an author, coach, small or medium-sized business owner looking to build your brand, or a marketer or innovator with a DIY spirit, “Build Your Personal Brand” will walk you through unearthing your essential self, connecting it to work you’re proud of, and letting the world know who you are and what you have to offer.

You’ll learn…

How to get increased clarity in what you do, who you serve, and your Unique Value Proposition in the world… and how to use that to attract your perfect customers and clients
How to shift and present yourself online and amplify it in a way that creates a thoughtful, honest connection with the people you should reach
How to project your personal brand in a way that feels aligned with your personality, allowing you to differentiate yourself from competitors in one-of-a-kind ways


Section 1: Strategize!

It’s time to get strategic and dig into who you are. In this section you’ll get into your essence and uncover the ingredients of your personal brand so you can show up as one-of-a-kind in your industry.

Section 2: Utilize

Time to get creative by defining and articulating your online position and your intentions to potential clients. You’ll put pen to paper in crafting an appealing message that communicates your brand’s unique promise in a way that connects.

Section 4: Leverage

With your brand defined not just for your yourself, but in a concise, captivating way that reveals your soul to potential clients and colleagues, we are ready to explore how to amplify that brand in ways that work for you. By the time you complete this section, you’ll have a roadmap you can follow to cultivate your web presence and grow your brand online and in-person.

want to reach and wow your audience online and in person?