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Running a business on Facebook, LinkedIn or any social platform is risky. A change in the algorithm can erase your business for good.

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building a professional website that attracts your ideal customers has probably been on your to-do list for a long time.


Yet every time you sit down to build it you just spin your wheels and waste your precious time. Which makes sense–it’s not your expertise. Working with clients. Growing your audience. Refining your offers. These are the things only you can do so the website keeps getting moved to the end of the list.

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That’s where we come in

Our team of professional writers, designers and developers will work with you to custom-build a website that will enroll more clients, sell more books, and/or land more speaking gigs.

We’ll take your PRO skills and make sure your One-Page website positions you as THE authority.

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showcase your personal brand to build your business


Discover the one-page website solution that empowers coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, and personal brands to attract and connect with their soulmate clients.

Grow your brand
& your influence

Stand out in a crowded marketplace by leveraging your website to amplify your voice, increase your visibility, and attract your ideal client. Remember you’re just a Google search away from being found online.

Engage & connect with
your audience

Build authentic relationships with established and new clients. We work with you to develop a focused message that speaks to your ideal client’s challenges so you can get more leads and grow your business.

Simplify your clients’ experience

Provide an intuitive and elegant browsing experience for your website audience, allowing them to quickly and effortlessly find the information they need without getting lost in multiple pages.

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Maximize impact and revenue with the ultimate one-page website

Perfect for budget-conscious business owners who want a stunning website without the headache of writing, designing, developing, hosting, and maintaining it themselves.

All one-page website packages include:

  • A brand concierge to help you navigate your next steps in creating your online presence.
  • Professional copywriting to convert your ideal browser to a buyer.
  • Laser clarity on your soulmate customer avatar.
  • A customized WordPress template that’s as unique as you are and easily adapted for when your business grows.
  • SEO-friendly custom one-page website created for you by our team of professional designers and developers.
  • Fully-configured email opt-in to help you build your subscriber list and collect new leads.
  • Top-notch hosting that is fast and secure through our partner, WPEngine. We’ll keep your site looking perfect so you never have to worry about updates, broken links, or forms that don’t work.
  • WordPress support and training.

Starting at $3,995


Custom Logo Design
Blog Set-Up
Email Newsletter Set-up + Design
Podcast launch

how does it work?


Step 01


Meet with your dedicated Brand Concierge who will help you every step of the way and strategically guide you on meeting your goals.

Step 02


We will craft your copy and positioning, walk you through your brand elements and design your web page. We’ll also help you define your lead magnet to attract the right leads.

Step 03

Build + Grow

Our team will build your unique one-page website. In no time at all you’ll be ready to unveil it to the world and attract your ideal tribe.

Top Three WordPress Templates To Build Your Brand and Business

Small business one page WordPress website
Small business one page WordPress website
Coaches and consultants one page WordPress website
One Page Personal Brand Website built for WordPress.

personal brand

Small business one page WordPress website

Small business

Consultant and coaches one page WordPress website

Coaches + Consultants


Your website is your online headquarters, providing a hub where your audience can understand why they need you in their lives.

A custom one-page website will help you to:

  • Establish your credibility – Highlight your expertise and position yourself as an authority in your industry
  • Reach a wider audience – Make your products, services, or content available globally, 24/7
  • Showcase your work – Display your portfolio, client testimonials, and demonstrate the value you bring to potential clients
  • Improve your visibility and discoverability – Make it easier for prospective clients to find you online through professionally written copy that utilizes keywords and high-quality content to help you rank higher in search results
  • Build your personal brand – Establish and strengthen your brand identity through cohesive messaging and visual branding
  • Create an email list – Attract and capture warm leads through a lead magnet on your one page website
  • Generate leads and sales – Capture more leads and drive sales for your business
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Other successful entrepreneurs have transformed their online presence and scaled their businesses with a one-page website from The brandiD




This question is the #1 reason we built this product. We’re not going to go into all the horror stories of what can go wrong with social media. The bottom line is that someone else owns your  LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook accounts, and can put a hold on them at any time. Any social media platform can literally wipe out your business from one day to the next. Social media is best used to drive traffic to your very own web property. And a podcast lets you speak directly to those followers, whenever they’re free to listen—while driving, doing the dishes, whatever. The intimacy of being a voice in their ear builds a trust, and a relationship, you can’t put a price on. It gives you incredible authority and credibility. It’s a great way to network with experts in your field, and to build a community of people who aren’t just followers but fans who know your voice as well as their friends’ voices. And you’re in charge of it, from start to finish. 

Your concierge is part strategist, part co-pilot in this process. You’ll meet with them twice at the beginning of the process and once towards the end. You can add more meetings with your concierge at an additional hourly rate.

Absolutely! That’s the beauty of WordPress and the One Page Website–it’s a dynamic, easy-to-update, and add-to platform without starting from scratch. This is the reason we created this offer so you can easily grow your website as your business, offerings, and platform expand.

No problemo! You’ll have full access to your website and can make those changes any time you wish.

Our team of developers has a full suite of product documentation to help you get up to speed with WordPress and your new website. Still stuck? Contact live support! We’re always here to lend a hand when you need us.

We’ll host your one page website on brandiD’s dedicated space on a premium WordPress hosting platform. It’s highly secure and lightning fast. Each quarter a live human (your brandiD developer) will update the software and make sure everything is running in tip-top shape.

That’s no problem at all. There’s a small fee to move the site to an alternate hosting provider, and you’ll be on your own to maintain your new software, but we’ll always be around to help should you need us in the future.

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