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You’ve worked so hard to get your business started

From the minute your business idea first popped into your mind, you eagerly followed its twisting-turning path—vetting, molding, and shaping it into a solid business you knew had true potential.

You crafted offers and created products that solved a real problem AND provided major value your clients could see and feel in their business and/or their life.

And then you gathered up your courage and
shared your business with the world.

You may have built a website and sent the link to your friends, family, and others in your network. 

You may have posted on social media, letting all your followers know about your business and your offers.

You may have gone to trade shows, conferences, workshops, or networking events, armed with business cards and a rough idea of an elevator pitch. 

You talked up your business, you shared your offers, and you connected with anyone you thought might be able to help you get your business off the ground.

But once the initial “good for you”
sentiments were over, the response has been…underwhelming.

Sure, you’ve had a few clients; you’ve made a few sales. And there always seems to be one or two irons in the fire that hold the promise of coming through.

Yet your rush of “oh my gosh, I actually launched my business!” has been replaced with a few hard revelations:

#1: Woah—there’s a lot of competition out there

#2: Getting noticed is going to be harder than you thought

#3: Creating a steady flow of clients and a consistent amount of sales does NOT happen by luck

Little by little, the passion and excitement you felt about starting your business is being replaced with DOUBT. 

You now can’t help but notice other people in your space, who ALL appear to be crushing it.

You’ve started to feel self-conscious about your own efforts, and wonder if what you’re doing to market your business is actually helping you at all.

And then there’s the loop of really crappy thoughts that keep
playing in your mind. Thoughts like:

Who am I to think I can do this?

Do I really have anything of value to offer my clients?

What if I don’t have what it takes to pull this business off?

Is there any room for me? There are so many people out there doing this same work.

Hear this, business owner… You CAN do this—and help is here.

The truth is you’ve done what pretty much every eager entrepreneur with a budding business idea has done since the beginning of time.
You’ve let your passion drive you, you’ve thrown caution to the wind, and you had the (awe-inspiring) guts to believe in yourself and your idea enough to launch a business. 
You should be so proud!

Your entrepreneurial nature ignited the “act first, course-correct later” side of you. 

And maybe that led you to take some early actions in your business that weren’t exactly the best next steps. Things like:

Getting a fancy logo made

Relying on a cross-your-fingers approach to finding clients

Listening to well-intentioned voices telling you how to run your business

Following inconsistent, all-over-the-place marketing strategies

Falling prey to Imposter Syndrome, comparisonitis, or any other mental malady that’s kept you from making progress on your goals

But now, the “course-correct” portion of your nature is taking over, and you have a fairly good idea of what your business needs.




You realize that your business can’t be rooted in inspiration and excitement alone—it requires a rock-solid foundation to stimulate real and lasting growth.

That rock-solid foundation
is called a brand.

Your brand is the backbone of your business. 
Without one, your business is floppy and weak. It lacks definition, direction, energy, and the ability to connect with others.
When you have a brand, your business has structure, strength, and shape. It becomes tangible, relatable and memorable. It takes on a life of its own and is infused with the power and the energy to build relationships, instill loyalty, attract clients, and close sales.

The best way to get the identity, strategy and structure you know your business needs is to create a brand.

With a well-defined brand, you’ll watch many of your biggest frustrations and worries in your business fall away.

Finally, you’ll be able to…

Stand out from your competition in a unique way

Pinpoint exactly who your ideal client is

Create clear offers that meet your ideal clients’ needs 

Identify the essential guideposts in your business like your core values, mission, vision, and strategic goals

Outline memorable and consistent marketing strategies that will attract lots of ideal clients

Hone a fresh point of view about the hottest topics in your space or industry

Become a thought leader in your field

Grow your business your way, confidently and authentically

In a nutshell, you’ll feel like a business owner who’s driven by purpose, intentional, and in control—not one who’s flying by the seat of your pants or making it all up as you go along.

So, how do you create a powerful and
memorable brand to help you do all that?

You tap into the magic and expert guidance of
The Build Your Brand Package!

Introducing The Build Your Brand Package

…everything you need to help you uncover your brand and start standing out online

The Build Your Brand Package includes TWO simple and highly effective tools that will lead you step-by-step through uncovering your brand and creating the rock-solid foundation your business needs to grow and thrive.

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Build Your Brand Tool #1

Build Your Personal Brand:
A Distinctive Guide to Soul-Based Marketing
(A $25 value)

Build Your Personal Brand: A Distinctive Guide to Soul-Based Marketing is designed to provide the identity, structure, and strategy your business needs. Through helpful exercises, reflective questions, and inspiring writing prompts, you’ll dig deep into yourself and extract the essence of who you are, then learn how to mold it into a personal brand you can infuse into your business and market strategically.

The workbook, created by brandiD founder Rachel Gogos, outlines her proprietary SOULiD Branding Framework, a step-by-step formula that not only helps you bring your brand to life but also includes all of the essential components of a smart business foundation. Through the SOULiD Framework, you’ll learn how to…

Identify your unique skills, strengths, passions, and core values

Create mission and vision statements that will guide your business (and even your life) now and in the future

Define and pinpoint your ideal client groups

Craft offers that not only solve your ideal clients’ needs but are magnetizing for your clients to buy

Create a Unique Value Proposition (otherwise known as an elevator pitch) that clearly communicates what you do and whom you do it for

Pinpoint your WHY, the driving force behind your business and your main source of motivation as you move forward

Amplify your brand in a way that attracts ideal clients and also feels true to who you are

Create a marketing plan that helps you consistently and strategically take action in your business and draw the right clients to you

The Build Your Brand: The Distinctive Guide to Soul-Based Marketing book is the perfect tool to bring depth, clarity, and direction to your business.


Build Your Brand Tool #2

Build Your Brand
Self-Study Course
(A $297 value)

Build Your Brand is a 7-module, self-study online course that really hones in on the identity of your business and your brand—all through exploring your own!

Led by brandiD founder Rachel Gogos, you’ll do the inner work to uncover what motivates and inspires you and your work, define the overarching principles that will guide your business, and nail down the qualities that set you apart from the rest.The Build Your Brand Course modules include:

Who Are You? 
Explore what’s most important to you and spend time drafting the mission and vision for your business

What Do Others Think About You?
Use a web-based assessment tool to learn how others perceive you and achieve clarity on your brand’s unique strengths

What Are You Good At? What Do You Love?
Reflect and identify your top 5 strengths and figure out your biggest passions that will fuel the life of your brand and your business

What’s Your Freak Factor?
Learn how to identify (and celebrate!) your differences so you can use them to your advantage, as well as compare and contrast yourself from your competitors

How Do You Define Success?
Nail down your definition of success—financially, personally, and professionally—so you can work towards it in all you do

What’s Your Point of View?
Analyze your point of view (and maybe adopt a fresh take while you’re at it) to see how it impacts your brand and your business

What’s Your Identity?
Synthesize the work you’ve done throughout the course to create your own Unique Brand Statement and tie it all together by creating an iDentity Profile that captures the full picture of your brand—and can help to guide your business decisions for many years to come.

The Build Your Brand Self-Study Course provides the deep-dive guidance you need to put a unique face on your business—so you can stand out from the crowd…all on your own time and schedule. 


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About Rachel Gogos

Rachel is the creator of Build Your Personal Brand: The Distinctive Guide to Soul-Based Marketing and the Build Your Brand Self-Study Course. She is also the founder of brandID, a digital branding and web design agency she started in 2007. 

Rachel’s career began at the United Nations headquarters in New York City, where she helped create the look and feel for the organization’s first website. After working in the newsroom at The Wall Street Journal, Rachel became one of the founding news editors at She’s also a contributing author to Personal Branding For Dummies (Wiley), the #1 top-selling personal branding book on 

Today, Rachel channels over 20 years of marketing and communications experience to help her clients create the identity, structure, and strategy that will allow their business to grow and thrive.

Every business, no matter what size, needs a brand

There is no better way to stand out from the crowd and become known in your space than to create a brand. Whether you’re an established business with a large staff, a solopreneur who’s just starting out, or anyone in between, the best asset in your business will always be YOU.

No one else on Earth has your DNA, strengths, experiences, passions, and lens on the world. When you build a brand around your most valuable qualities, what you really end up doing is building a life and a business that’s authentically yours. 

Can you imagine anything better than that?

“brandiD provides the tools for self-reflection to get to what you really want to communicate to the world and the expertise to position your message in an innovative way.”

— David Bishop

Founder and Leadership Coach

Ready to learn—step-by-step—how you can stand out online, become known in your space, and create a business that’s

authentically yours?

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