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Build Your Personal Brand Workbook

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To the status quo disrupter, the innovator, the change-maker, the entrepreneur… 

It’s time to make your story shine

You’ve seen the SOULiD Framework. Now go even deeper into exploring your personal brand with our exercise-packed, brand-boosting workbook.


It’s chock-full of prompts, resources, and examples to take you step-by-step through uncovering your unique personal brand. Discover the secret formula that leading authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, and authority figures are using to become recognized and revered online.

Your personal brand is the real differentiator in your business

Personal branding is about:


Communicating and marketing your authentic self

It’s knowing exactly who you are and articulating your value proposition consistently, clearly, and constantly.


It’s not about showing off or boasting

When it comes to standing out in a crowded marketplace, your business has one secret weapon… YOU! It’s how they (and YOU) can eliminate the competition and stand above the noise online.


It’s not being self-centered or ego-driven

Leading entrepreneurs, influencers, and online leaders today all understand that an airtight & easily recognizable personal brand is the crucial key to growing their following.

For the very first time, get your hands on the exact step-by-step personal branding workbook used with clients who pay $20K+ to establish themselves as industry leaders.

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Build Your Personal Brand Workbook

“This book is a such a gift to
small business owners and entrepreneurs!”

jane doe, founder of so and so company

As an entrepreneur, I am long overdue for thinking about how to better developing my brand. This book is like having Rachel, with her wealth of experience and brilliant insight, as your own personal branding guide and coach through that often intimidating process!

The step by step instructions are quick and easy to follow and provided me with a clear roadmap for working through the branding process. The SoulID framework helped me to go even deeper with taking what I really value for my business and customer and better integrating those principles into my business.

Love this book and am so grateful to have accessed its wisdom!

An image of Build Your Personal Brand Workbook
Rachel Gogos

Hi, I’m Rachel Gogos, founder & CEO of brandiD and author of Build Your Personal Brand: The Definitive Guide to Soul-Based Marketing.

Over 20 years of expertise in personal branding

Since brandiD’s inception in 2007, I’ve helped build leading personal brands across multiple industries–from coaches to consultants to service providers and agencies. I’ve also worked closely with top business and personal branding gurus like William Arruda and Jonathan Fields to apply their expertise firsthand.

I’ve watched countless new entrepreneurs struggle to be heard in a noisy online space. And I’ve seen time and time again how defining your personal brand leads to clarity and growth. By knowing who and WHY you serve your clients, even new entrepreneurs can distinguish themselves in the marketplace and truly own their zone of genius through authentic, honest connection with others.

The outcome of all that experience and hands-on collaboration with entrepreneurs like you is at the heart of our unique Personal Branding Workbook. It’s a game-changer for you if you are starting a new business, launching a new product, or building your personal brand.authority figures are using to become recognized and revered online.

Peek inside the Build Your

Personal Brand Workbook

Leverage the SOULiD framework in this in-depth and definitive guide to soul-based marketing.

The process, exercises, and prompts within harness the best of our collective wisdom and practices to help you uncover your personal brand.



Dig deep and uncover your unique personal brand



Define who your people are, and what they need that you offer



Putting what you’ve learned to use: writing your UVP, identity profile, bio & SMART goals



Set the stage for future growth


soulid resources

Examples to help you along the way

Ready to get serious about growing your business?

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Build Your Personal Brand Workbook