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You need help! We understand. Everyone needs a little extra support sometimes. All our themes and plugins are designed to be easy to create your one-of-a-kind website. But sometimes, even the most tech-savvy person can have lingering questions.

Theme Setup Guides

In order for our themes to function properly, they require the Genesis Framework. Please click here to make your one-time Genesis purchase if you do not already have it.

Plugin Setup Guides

Helpful How-Tos

Use these articles as a guide to fix styling issues or troubleshoot why that custom function isn’t working.

What is NOT included in our support?

  • When the support request changes the default layout or functions of the theme or plugin
  • General WordPress advice (as much as we would love to teach you WordPress we simply can’t)
  • Custom CSS code or other beginner-level code samples — if you need custom development or design help, we offer Custom Solutions to get your website looking exactly how you’d like.
  • Adding new functionality that is not standard and not included in the theme or plugin (ie: custom work)
  • Changing a graphic (even if it’s your baby picture) 
  • Support that consumes an unreasonable amount of time-based on the purchase price. Everyone has some idea of what is fair, and that should be a baseline barometer. (We are nurturing, hospitable people that will give you the shirts off our backs but please be reasonable!).
  • We do not teach, mentor or profess WordPress or Genesis basics. We’re happy to point you in the right direction if you need more than we can do via our Support pages on this website.

What is included in our support?

  • Handling bugs (not ants and spiders) within the theme that are not the result of user error
  • Theme setup and installation to match the demo site.

Within 3 months of purchase, we are able to help you with issues related to:

Theme Setup Guides

Plugin Setup Guides

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Still Need help?

Get Live Support (from someone on our team) for a (small) fee: Please submit a ticket to our “Geekish” Squad, and one of our skilled developers will provide you with an answer within 24 hours (except on weekends)

There are no refunds on digital products.