Put your podcast out into the world and build brand visibility

A podcast-ready website designed to expand your personal brand.

Struggling to connect regularly and authentically with your audience?

You’ve spent years building an audience of loyal clients and followers.
You’ve distilled your industry experience into a recognizable personal brand.
You’re well-connected with a network of like-minded individuals who seek out your unique insights and advice.

But are they really hearing everything you have to say and are you growing your audience?

• What if you could funnel your insights to the masses?

• What if you could share your expertise in a medium that feels true to you?

• What if there was a way to serve your audience better—and easily
expand your reach into new markets and minds?

Podcasting is an
intimate, authoritative,
and inspiring medium

It’s one of the fastest ways to create authentic connections and build trust with your audience.

A podcast is a marketing workhorse that lets your audience tune in to your teachings wherever they are; from long commutes to cooking dinner, to getting their 10,000 steps in.

Creating a show that is all yours empowers you to become a trusted voice that accompanies folks through their day-to-day. It gives your audience personal access to your nuggets of wisdom and business acumen in a way that is meaningful, and available 24/7.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to build your brand, market your product or service, and expand your following (and maybe your revenue streams)!

Hit record & we’ll do the rest

With brandiD’s Podcast Pro theme and production services, your show—and its digital home base—is taken care of.


take charge of content and messaging


Get a custom Podcast WordPress website


Find an audience who’s ready to listen

We’ll create a brand for your podcast

We’ll edit the episodes, produce the show notes, and help you market each and every episode via social media and an easy-to-navigate website.

  • A custom podcast website created for you by our team of professional designers, brand strategists, and copywriters…a site that looks and feels like YOU
  • A brand questionnaire that captures your style and brand
  • A WordPress template that’s Podcast ready (think audio hosting
    and all) that helps you highlight and communicate your personal brand.
  • Full setup and configuration of your email opt-in, so you can attract new listeners to your list while you sleep
  • Live support and documentation to help you troubleshoot your website
  • BONUS design customizations based on your styles and branding preferences
  • BONUS messaging support with our copywriting template or done-for-you copywriting

How it works



We’ll send you a Brand Essence Questionnaire and a calendar to schedule your 30-minute strategic consult.



We use your Brand Essence Questionnaire to customize your podcast website. You’ll receive a draft of your site! You’ll review and revise.



Your new podcast website is ready! You’ll receive full access to your new Podcast Pro WordPress site along with full control of your content and images.

Get ready to speak up

brandiD’s Podcast Pro WordPress theme is designed to
amplify your voice and establish your credibility with a professional

Harriet Turk

“Rachel Gogos and brandiD are fabulous to work with!”

“First time ever that I’ve had a website built for me that was dead on with who I am, and what I will be offering, and they understood the direction I want to go/plans for the future. I’m a HUGE fan of their work!”

Harriet Turk

Keynote Speaker and Speaking Coach

Your Podcast Pro:

A super start, or an all-in production team

option 1

Podcast Brand Foundation


  • Brainstorm concept, style, voice.
  • Solidify Podcast name
  • Custom Podcast logo
  • Logo provided in various formats and sizing based on
    popular Podcast platforms
  • Podcast intro and outro scripts
  • Production/audio editing of intro and outro
  • Podcast trailer script
  • Podcast production of trailer
  • Design of social media guest share template
  • Design of guest images for website and individual shows

Do you need ongoing help with your show production? Ask us about our ongoing audio editing, show notes, web hosting, social media, and email marketing services.

option 2

Podcast Pro Website


  • Podcast strategy session
  • Custom Podcast website created for you by our team of
  • Done-for-you copywriting + design customization based on
    your positioning, preferences and branding
  • Expandable and adaptable website as your platform grows
  • Fully configured email opt-in ready to collect new leads
  • Connected to Libsyn, a leader in premium podcast hosting
  • Fast and secure WordPress hosting + site maintenance via
  • WordPress support and training

Ready to go Pro?

Purchase Podcast Brand Foundation and the Podcast Pro website and save $500


Turn your podcast into a marketing machine

You’ll be directed to our checkout page. From there fill out your Brand Essence
Questionnaire so we can start building your Podcast Pro website!

Frequently Asked Questions

This question is the #1 reason we built this product. We’re not going to go into all the horror stories of what can go wrong with social media. The bottom line is that someone else owns your LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook accounts, and can put a hold on them at any time. Any social media platform can literally wipe out your business from one day to the next. 

Social media is best used to drive traffic to your very own web property. And a podcast lets you speak directly to those followers, whenever they’re free to listen—while driving, doing the dishes, whatever. The intimacy of being a voice in their ear builds trust—and a relationship—that you can’t put a price on. It gives you incredible authority and credibility. It’s a great way to network with experts in your field, and to build a community of people who aren’t just followers but fans who know your voice as well as their friends’ voices. 

And you’re in charge of it, from start to finish!

Behind the scenes, podcast production is a flurry of activity! From finding guests to scheduling recording times on a regular basis, creating a podcast takes a lot of time and dedication (and provides a LOT of payoff). 

Even after you’ve recorded your episode, there’s editing the show, writing detailed and SEO-friendly show notes, and finally, sending your podcast out into the world via social media and email marketing.

The good news is that with brandiD’s Podcast Pro Website & Podcast Production service, all you have to do is record your episodes. We’ll take care of the audio editing, show production, show notes, and email and social media content.

You’ll receive your new website shortly after you submit your questionnaire! Once you’re up and running, recordings can be edited and up on your site—complete with show notes. We will work out a schedule to meet your needs.

Oh yes, you sure can. This process is all about collaboration. We take the lead on all the creative components like copywriting and web design. Once we have a draft to share we will seek your input up to two times. After 2 rounds of revisions if you want to continue working on either copy or design an additional fee will be required.

Our team of developers has a full suite of product documentation to help you get up to speed with WordPress and your new website. Still, stuck? Contact live support! We’re always here to lend a hand when you need us. 

We’ll host your Podcast website on brandiD’s dedicated space on a premium hosting platform–WPEngine. It’s highly secure and lightning fast. Each quarter a live human (your brandiD developer) will update the software and make sure everything is running in tip-top shape.

You can also use your own web hosting platform. We can either email you the final website or set it up on your own hosting platform for a small fee. 

No problemo! You’ll have full access to your website and can make those changes any time you wish.

Ready to get started?

Put your precious time into being the ultimate podcast host
and leave the rest to us!

A woman sitting at a table in front of a laptop recording a podcast