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Fired up entrepreneur, you’ve just had a brilliant idea.

A ditch the 9-5, good-bye cubicle idea.

A “My-life-is-nice-but-I-want-more” idea.

An idea so exciting, you’ve already mapped out your plan to take over change the world.

Now… you just need a website and knock-’em-dead branding.

Except you can’t get past the Squarespace/Wix/WordPress conundrum. You’re not sure about branding; “Which colors?” “What’s cool?” “Is this dumb?” “Help!” And you have no idea how to make your writing sound like anything other than a dying robot.

Your business might be new – but you’ve been around the block. You want a polished, professional site that attracts raving (paying!) fans.

Good news: Business Builder is here to blow in like a modern-day fairy godmother and whip up a made-for-you site that feels as good as it looks. 

It won’t break the bank.

It won’t take months of back-and-forth.

And it won’t be a loud, 80’s style site with geeky graphics and plinky music.

It’ll look like you. It’ll feel like you.

And, best of all, when people see it, they’ll know exactly
what to expect from working with you.

Business Builder’s secret sauce packs a one-two punch: Custom Branding and we DIT (Do It Together).

When it comes to branding – you’re not sure what you want – but you know what you don’t want: Pushy, sloppy, and unprofessional. You want it to feel like you. But maybe sleeker. And more polished. But also accessible. And warm. 

No problem. We know a brand is so much more than colors. We have the hold-your-hand tools to walk you through creating each element of a feel-good brand. You’ll be able to custom design your branding so your business not only reflects you but attracts the kind of clients you’ve dreamt of working with. 

Part two of the Business Builder genius is our Do It Together (DIT) 

formula. It’s the perfect solution to avoiding the big bucks of a custom site without ending up with one of those clunky, cookie-cutter, “site-in-a-box” designs. 

Our proven tools guide you through each phase of designing your site. No worries you’ll overlook anything – simply work your way through our system and, when you’re done, you’ll have the perfect-for-you site design. Then it’s time for the best part; kicking back while we get to work. 

Think of it as finding your dream furniture at IKEA and sipping lemonade while we do all the assembly.

You can sign up for Business Builder
right now and, in a few weeks, have a custom site

— complete with top notch branding —

to make your business the real deal.

Yes! Let’s build my site together!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: When you sign up for Business Builder, we’ll email you the project outline and all the tools you’ll need. We’ll also email you every day to let you know what you should be focusing on so there’s no worry you’ll fall behind or overlook a single detail.

Step 2: Time to create your business! No worries here, we’ll walk you through every single step from identifying the mission and goals of your business to how to create copy that sells. We know you might be new so we’ve got everything broken down clearly so you can feel confident at every stage.

Step 3: Hand it over! Send us your finished building blocks and kick back while we go to work.

When your site is complete, you’ll be able to give us feedback on any tweaks your site needs to be juuuuuust right. And then, you and your rockin’ new site take over the world.

You can Google “How to build a website” or spend years experimenting with your branding. But when you sign up for Business Builder, you’ll have access to our foolproof tools and easy-does-it systems to guide you through creating not only a custom brand but the foundation of your site.

No mess, no stress.

Just your business – live and online.

That’s the power of
Business Builder.

Here’s what’s included:

Build Your Personal Brand: The Definitive Guide to Soul-Based Marketing

Think of this workbook like your new BFF: Asking the right questions, helping you uncover your TRUTH, and making sure you look good when you put yourself out there. This best-selling workbook is based on our SOULiD Framework and will walk you through each step from outlining your marketing plan, to pinpointing how you want to be seen online, to deciding which social media platform is right for you.

Headshots for Hotshots

Our Headshots 101 guide to create pro-level headshots with your iPhone. At home. For FREE. No expensive photographers, no weird props – just you looking every bit the pro.

Daily Project Email

We know you’re juggling a lot. So we’ll pop into your inbox each day with a daily task to help you stay on track. Your dream is important and we want to help you get there!

Build Your Brand Foundations

The in-depth training you need to develop a brand that reflects who you are. You’ll love that it has:

  7 training videos to guide you through the whole process. It’s like having an expert right next to you explaining it – except you don’t have to share your popcorn. 

  Your Core Values guide. You want to run a business with SOUL. With heart, and passion, and a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Here’s where you set your mission statement and start your business with purpose. 

  Your Elevator Pitch Formula. When someone asks what you do, you won’t be wide-eyed and fumbling. You can smoothly deliver your elevator pitch, knock their socks off, and have time to close the deal before you hit the lobby. Nice work. 

  An Ideal Client attraction plan. You don’t just want clients. You want clients that LOVE you. That throw their money, beg to work with you, and tell everyone they know you’re magic. Here’s where you pinpoint exactly who they are – and how to woo them. 

  The iDentity Profile Template. The iDentity Profile Template makes working with freelancers smooth sailing.

WordPress Theme

You don’t just want a website. You want a can’t-say-no site. A site so polished it’s impossible to scroll past. Which is why you have your choice of our most powerful themes. You’ll review samples and see features of each to pick the one that fits you perfectly.

Copywriting Guide

You can talk to your friends for hours but as soon as you sit down to write…nothing. At least, nothing that doesn’t make you sound blah, bland, and basic. Good news: Your fight with the blank page is over! Your Copywriting Guide will not only get you started, but keep you rolling with prompts, ideas, and save-your-bootie templates.

Custom DIT

This is what you’re here for – and no one can blame you. Do It Together is the best of both worlds: The budget of a DIY without the stress and tears of actually doing it yourself. You fill out the blueprint and tell us exactly what you need – and we get to work. It’s kind of like handing us the ingredients and stepping back while we whip up a gourmet meal.

  Bonus #1: Standing out online isn’t easy. In your first bonus, you’ll get expert techniques and ideas to help you get noticed. 

  Bonus #2: Your Website Copy Guide. Let’s be honest – bad copy can make you sound clueless. Your Website Copy Guide will show you how to organize your writing so your words flow as easily as a glass (or two) of red. Once you get the words flowing, filling in your templates for your Home, About, and Work With Me pages will be easy as pie. Or cake. Chocolate cake.

When creating your site,
we’ll also:

Install and configure your theme so you never need to look up what that means

Connect your opt-in form to your CRM so you don’t miss a chance to grow your base of raving fans

Ensure your site is 100% customized with your colors and fonts so your site looks good from every angle

Confirm your social media contacts are up and running so your community stays connected.

Provide a “How to operate your site” guide so you can add new blog posts or make changes as your site grows.

Check-in with you quarterly to make sure your site is running smooth as silk.

Sign up now and start counting the days –

your business is about to go worldwide.

$997 Customization Fee
+ $27 a month for hosting and maintenance

Yes! Let’s build my site together!

You could spend thousands of dollars for a personalized site. It will take months (and months) and you’ll always be dependent on them to make changes. 

Or you could sign up for Business Builder.

It’s the fastest way to design a magnetic brand and professional site without learning how to code, busting your budget, or having an identity crisis.

what past clients are saying

Look, starting your own
business is no joke.

And your site shouldn’t be either.

You want a sparkling, professional site infused with your own authentic brand.

And you don’t want to pay thousands of dollars to make it happen.

Business Builder is your one-stop-shop to 

launch your baby into the world (not your real babies – hold onto those). 

We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step. By the end, you’ll not only have a site you’re dying to brag about, but a rock-solid brand to build your business on.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, tell me again, how does this work?

When you sign up for Business Builder, we send you the tools you need to map out a website and brand you love. Once you’re done designing, you hand us the details and we use your specifications to build your site.

Do I have to tell you about my branding and colors? And the copy for the site? I don’t know how to do any of that.

That’s okay. We’ll send you everything you need to know – from how to develop a polished brand to how to write next-level copy. Once you have it all ready, let us know and we’ll get to work.

Will my site be on Wix? Squarespace? WordPress?

We’ll build your site on WordPress though our hosting platform. We’ve found WordPress is best for a growing business. You can be confident no matter what your future business needs, WordPress will be able to support you.

What’s the timeline here?

Oh, you’re into details. We like that. Here’s the breakdown:

Days 1-10: Internal work. You’ll be digging deep to get clear on your business mission and values. This is the foundation upon which you’ll be establishing your future so you get plenty of time to work it out. 

Days 11-20: External work. Here’s where you start establishing your business goals and your target market. 

Days 21-23: Reflection time! Take these few days to catch up, double-check, and make sure everything fits you perfectly. 

Days 34-37: Time to write. This is where you give a voice to your business and create copy that sells. Don’t worry – we’ll show you how!

Days 38-40: Final review. Take this time to make sure everything is just how you like it. 

Once you’re done creating the building blocks of your site, your part is done! This is where we step in and, in just 7 days, turn your ideas into the customized site you need.

Who is this for?

It’s for you if you’re ready to get your idea off the ground if you’ve been around long enough to know you need a professional site but don’t want to invest thousands. If you want to create something of your own and do it right from the start, you’re ready for Business Builder. It’s perfect for consultants, coaches, freelancers, authors, and business owners that want to follow a tested path to success.

Why do you guys do this?

Because we think your dream shouldn’t be held back just because you don’t know how to code. You have an idea and the passion to change the world. The lack of a website shouldn’t stand in your way. Show us what you need and let us help you launch your dream.

Where can I get started?

We’re excited, too. You can click below to sign up and start planning your site.  

In a few weeks, you could have a waitlist of clients begging to work with you, or you could be Googling “professional-looking hex codes”. It’s up to you. 

Sign up for Business Builder now.