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  • Coaching Pro a WordPress theme built for the Genesis framework

    Coaching Pro


    Whether you’re coaching athletes or executives, Coaching Pro guides people to make strategic decisions that help them be their best selves. This Coach Theme empowers you to showcase all you have to offer clients, and it’s approachable, authoritative, and appealing—just like you.

    With video and blog capabilities that let you speak for yourself and customizable colors and templates that suit your style, this easy digital downloads theme is packed with features that drive traffic to your site so that the people who need your help are sure to find it. We call that a win-win.

  • Course Maker Pro WordPress Theme Built for the Genesis Framework

    Course Maker Pro


    Lead your online classes with style, organization, and the most user-friendly course interface in the StudioPress / Genesis suite. Packed full of features and functionality, Course Maker Pro can be customized to reflect your style and sensibility, making this experience uniquely yours! Drive traffic to your site and engage users with your course materials while establishing yourself as an authority in your field. The Course Maker Pro theme, built exclusively for the Genesis framework, is designed to help you market your new online course with ease.

  • Digital Downloads Pro WordPress Theme build for the Genesis framework

    Digital Downloads Pro


    Launching an online business is just the beginning – monetizing it is where the real magic happens. With Digital Downloads Pro, a powerful WordPress theme designed for entrepreneurs, you can effortlessly transform your website into a profit-generating platform. Integrated with Easy Digital Downloads, this theme simplifies the process of selling digital products, allowing you to focus on growing your business and watching your profits soar.

  • Hello Commerce a WordPress theme built for the Genesis framework

    Hello! Commerce


    “Hello, it’s me.” With a nod to Adele, that’s exactly what this Personal Branding Theme says. Much like one of those old-school nametags (only way better looking), this Entrepreneur Theme or Speaker Theme will help you create a website that makes an impression.

    Yours can be a wildly bold hello or a more smooth, subtle hello depending on the colors, fonts, and images you use with this template. A site like this says to your visitors, “Welcome! Come on in, get comfortable, and let me share a little (or a lot) about myself.”

  • Podcast Pro Kadence WordPress Child Theme Built for Podcasters

    Podcast Pro


    As a podcaster, you’re ready to share your message, inspire, and ignite action. Your passion for storytelling and connecting with your audience is undeniable. Podcast Pro is your ally, designed to amplify your voice and showcase your ideas effortlessly. With its versatile features, including video and blog capabilities, customizable colors and templates, and individual episode pages, your platform will resonate with your audience. Let your voice be heard and your message embraced with the Podcast Pro theme.