Build Your Brand Foundations Course


Discover the secret formula that leading entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and authority figures are using to become recognized and revered.


The Build Your Brand Foundations course includes:
  • 7 videos and insight sheets to help you dig deep and uncover your personal brand
  • A guide to figuring out your business’ core values, mission, and purpose
  • The elevator pitch formula so you can position yourself succinctly
  • ​Tools to help you identify what your brand stands for 
  • How to tap into your ideal clients and attract them to your business
  • ​The iDentity Profile template that will make it super easy for you to communicate and collaborate with creatives to build your brand
  • BONUS 1: A PDF download with inspiration, tips and tools for creating an online business that will help you stand out from the crowd.
  • BONUS 2: A Website Copy Guide to help you organize, position, and write your copy, quickly and easily. Includes templates for the home, about and work with me pages. 
  • ​BONUS 3: An Ideal Customer Insights Sheet to make your marketing more targeted and your content easier to create.