What is My Personal Brand?


A great website will instantly communicate who you are or what your business is about. But even the most talented designers can’t create a site that speaks to your brand if you’re not crystal clear on what your brand identity is—or what you want it to be. Which is why we recommend that our clients use the same brand-defining tool that American Express, JP Morgan, and other Fortune 500 companies use: Reach’s 360º Personal Brand Assessment.

Developed by personal branding pioneer William Arruda in consultation with marketing and branding experts and behavioral psychologists, the 360º Assessment is a web-based tool that will let you know how others see you and your brand and help you understand your brand’s unique strengths. When you’re through with the assessment, you’ll have a better sense of the qualities you want to highlight, the strengths you want to build on, and the message you want to send. And you’ll have an even more vibrant vision of how you want your website to look as a result.

Getting to Know You?

The only tool of its kind, the 360º Assessment uses a web-based program to survey your friends, colleagues, and associates, by having them fill out a quick, easy, and fun questionnaire. (Sample question: If this person were a kitchen appliance, which one would they be and why?) The program then tabulates and analyzes the responses in both quantitative and qualitative ways, turning them into a report that gives you a clear—some have even said revolutionary—idea of what message you are sending, how others perceive you as a brand and an idea of to what extent that image matches the identity you want to communicate.

If you’re not interested in undergoing the assessment, no worries, we’ll still build your website, and it will be a great one. But if you do take it, we guarantee that you’ll have a clearer, stronger idea of what your site should be—and maybe even who you are. And so will we. (With your permission, we like to take a look at the results in order to guide some of our web design decisions. And if you want to discuss the results in-depth, you can purchase a 360º debrief session as an add-on service.) In fact, we’re so sure that the assessment will give you valuable insight into the brand you’ve built and the site you’re creating, that we’ve made it free of cost to our website clients. The way we see it, you’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Let the revolution begin!