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Your business-minded brain has been running on full cylinders for a while now.

You’ve tested your products or services in the market, you’ve had your fair share of customers and clients, and you know your offerings are creating the results and transformation you hoped they would. 

You’re not new to the path of entrepreneurship anymore. 

Yet through these initial stages of building your business one thing has become abundantly clear…

You need a website that matches your growth.

A website that shows the professionalism, expertise, and results you deliver — and that positions the potential of what’s to come in your business.

A do-it-yourself site (or maybe even no website site at all) may have been fine to start, but it’s just not cutting it anymore. 

It’s time to really draw people in and make it crystal clear what you do (and who you do it for)…

It’s time to showcase your services with more than just a list, but with intriguing offers that a client can’t resist…

It’s time to filter out clients who aren’t the right fit and connect with the ones that are, and…

It’s time to have colors, branding, and design that set you apart from your competition and make you unforgettable to prospects who find you on the web.

The time has come to get a website that’s professionally done. But how do you do thatquickly and affordably?

Thankfully at this stage in your business, you can invest in a top-notch site, but you have no interest in breaking the bank (who does?!).

With so many options out there, it’s hard to know the best route to take to get a new website. 

Do you hire an all-in-one agency that could charge a hefty fee?

Do you hire a website designer, developer, and copywriter to individually handle their pieces of the website puzzle?

Or do you try to tackle some parts of the project on your own and hire out the rest?

It’s questions like these that can keep swirling around your brain and keep you from creating the next level website that your growing business needs.

You wish there was an option that took this crucial task off your hands completely.

…there was an all-in-one solution that was budget-friendly and wouldn’t take months and months to complete.

…it allowed you to stop pulling out your hair while writing your own copy and experimenting with the best color combinations and images for your site design.

…it included some strategic guidance from an expert to make sure your website (and your business overall) was positioned to maximize its success.

You’re in luck, my fellow business owner!

We’ve got exactly what you’re looking for.

Introducing The iDentity Package

…the all-in-one website package to help you step into the next level of your business online.

The iDentity Package is the complete package you’ve been looking for that provides everything you need—from strategy to copy to design to development—to have a fully branded website ready in six weeks or less.

When you tap into The iDentity Package to create your website, you’ll watch the options and possibilities for your business explode.

Finally, you’ll have: 

Compelling and strategic copy that works for you 24/7, helping your message resonate with your prospects

A look and feel to your site that’s uniquely yours and represents the attributes that make your business stand out from your competitors

A platform that will call out directly to your ideal clients, so you can attract people you love working with

A business that’s primed and ready for continued growth

The relief, satisfaction and confidence that your website matches the quality and professionalism of your business (Goodbye, website shame. Hello, website PRIDE!)

When you purchase The iDentity Package, you’ll receive…

Two 30-minute branding strategy sessions with brandiD founder and branding expert, Rachel Gogos

A four-page website, including Home, About/Bio, and Work with Me

Images, art and customized design using one of our four beautiful brandiD WordPress themes

Personalized website copywriting for three pages of your choice

A designer who is trained to create exactly what you need

Collaboration with branding experts who are as invested in your business success as you are!

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How does the iDentity Package work?

The iDentity Package includes a smooth and seamless process that’s
as time-efficient as it is budget-conscious. 

The process involves the following three phases:

Weeks 1 & 2

In the Discovery phase, we’ll explore you, your business, and where you’d like it to go. You’ll have two 30-minute strategy sessions to make sure your branding, positioning, and offers are on-point, then you’ll complete the copy and website questionnaires that will help our team pinpoint your message and the foundation of your design aesthetic. Through the discovery phase, we’ll help you dig deep so we can build an online solution that will grow with your business, far into the future.
Phase 2

Weeks 3 – 5
Now it’s time for the creation phase to take place. One of our brandiD copywriters will craft compelling copy for your Home, About, and Work with Me pages, while our in-house design team will shape the look and feel of your site. Finally, your approved copy and design will head into development, where the structure and platform of your website is built.
Phase 3

Week 6
In the final week, we’ll test and tweak your website before making it live online. Congratulations! You’re the proud new owner of your corner office on the Internet—an intuitive and killer website that truly represents the growth and potential of your business!

The iDentity Package Investment 

One payment of 


I’m ready to create my website!

Three payments of


I’m ready to create my website!

+ $35 a month for hosting and maintenance

“As a new business owner, I was feeling overwhelmed with so many projects to complete, ideas and dreams to follow, and courses to take—not to mention networking and gaining customers. I knew I needed to get a great website up and running because I knew the importance of having credibility and a strong web presence that validated my business. I had played with website development in the past (WordPress), but knew I couldn’t do justice myself compared with what professionals could do. brandiD was very thorough about understanding my needs, goals, dreams, and even directing me in areas that I had not considered. I highly recommend the brandiD team! They are a top-tiered team that says what they will do and then does it very well!”
Bill Bergau
Founder of Peak Career & Success Coaching

“When we started working with brandiD, we were in need of a website that matched our brand. We’re home builders who specialize in high-quality homes and our website needed to showcase the same level of quality that we provide in our product. brandiD did a great job of creating a website for us that not only looks amazing but provides clear messaging about what we do and who our ideal clients are, as well as validates the professionalism and quality that are the foundation of our business. The brandiD team was easy to work with, understood our goals, and created a site that positions us perfectly for current and future business growth.”
Brian O’Connell
Co-Founder of OPPO Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use WordPress and not Squarespace or Wix?

At brandiD, we choose WordPress all the way. Besides being the most popular content management system (CMS) on the web and Google (SEO) friendly, here are two more reasons why:

Ease-of-Use: WordPress is super easy to install—taking as little as five minutes—as well as simple and intuitive to use in comparison to other web-building platforms. WordPress themes provide a great experience whether you’re the owner of the site  trying to update it on your own or a developer helping someone create their website from scratch.

Control: With so many other platforms that tout their ease-of-use, they don’t offer nearly the same amount of control in customizing your website beyond the standard themes. WordPress allows for that, which is a great asset when your business grows in size and scale, or when your vision for your business changes over time and you need to quickly and easily add new features or update the layout of your site. It’s so dynamic, you can supersize it anytime you want. 

What are the brandiD WordPress themes I can choose from?

We’ve created four stunning and intuitive WordPress website themes for you to choose from, each with their own unique style, layout, and features. All four of our themes are part of WordPress’s Genesis Framework. The four themes are:

Course Maker Pro
This theme was designed with a course creator in mind and is the perfect way to showcase and market your online course or class. Packed full of features and functionality, Course Maker Pro can be customized to reflect your style and sensibility and everything else that sets you apart with your students or audience. 

Hello Pro! 3
If you already have the makings of a distinct personal brand, this is the theme for you. Hello Pro! 3 will help you create a website that makes a power-packed splash on the web and shows off your unique point-of-view, as boldly or as subtly as you’d like. It’s built-in homepage portfolio let’s you share all your amazing traits in a way that feels natural. 

Coaching Pro
Whether you’re coaching or consulting with athletes or executives, you guide people to make strategic decisions that help them be their best selves. That’s exactly what this theme does, too! It empowers you to showcase all you have to offer clients while helping you position yourself as approachable, authoritative and appealing.

Digital Nomad
If your “office” is anywhere your laptop takes you (and connects to wifi) then you’re going to love this theme. Part visual journal, part photo album, part guide, and part blog, this theme empowers you to share your voice—and your path—with your audience far and wide. 

What does hosting and maintenance include?

Website Hosting

  • Dedicated WP Engine hosting environment
  • Up to 1GB Storage
  • Up to 1GB/Mo Bandwidth
  • Up to 12K visits/Mo*
  • 2 MySQL Databases (1 production database and 1 staging environment database)
  • 1 SSL Certificate
  • CDN Speed Boost
  • Daily automated file system & database backups
  • Malware monitoring & prevention
  • DNS/Domain Name Configuration

Our dedicated hosting space is provided by WP Engine. WP Engine is specifically built for WordPress. It’s highly robust and secure, always patched with the latest security updates, and is constantly monitored.

Maintenance Services

  • Security updates made on a quarterly basis
  • Manual Quarterly updates to all plugins that were installed by your brandiD team
  • brandiD developers check your plugins to ensure they are the best fit for your business needs. In the event that one of the plugins stops working or records an error, our developers are ready to fix the issue or suggest a replacement.
  • Manual Contact form review and testing
  • Updates to the WordPress core as released
  • Updates to Genesis theme as released
  • Necessary front end design adjustments resulting from updates


The iDentity Package


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Purchase the iDentity Package Today

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