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Blog section

Use this section to show your latest Blog posts, and to keep the Homepage content refreshed on a regular basis.

Block Pattern

This section is created using the Blog Grid block pattern.

This block pattern contains the following blocks:

Advanced Columns

  • Column
    • Heading
    • Heading
    • Post and Page Grid

Block Settings

By default, the blocks have the following settings assigned:

Advanced Columns

Block Width: Full-width
Column count: 1
Column Inner Max Width: 1200px
Padding Top: 80px
Padding Right: 40px
Padding Bottom: 80px
Padding Left: 40px


Text align: center

Heading – H2

(default settings)

Heading – H3

Text color: Color 2

Post and Page Grid

Content Type: Post
Order By: Newest to Oldest
Number of Items: 4
Columns: 2
Display Featured Image: enabled
Image Size: Featured Image
Display Title: enabled
Display Excerpt: enabled
Excerpt Length: 35
Display Continue Reading Link: enabled
Customize Continue Reading Text: Read More
Post Grid Section Tag: section
Post Title Heading Tag: H4

See the Theme Colors article for an explanation of the color palette.