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Hero section

Use this section to welcome visitors to your site. Write an attention-grabbing headline, add supporting text, and a call-to-action button to entice users to explore more of your site.

Block Pattern

This section is created using the Main Hero block pattern.

This block pattern contains the following blocks:

Advanced Columns

  • Column
    • Heading
    • Paragraph
    • Buttons

Block Settings

By default, the blocks have the following settings assigned:

Advanced Columns

Block Width: Full-width

General Settings

Column Count: 1
Column Inner Max Width: 835px

Margin/Padding Settings

Margin Top: 0
Margin Bottom: 0

Padding Top: 200px
Padding Right: 30px
Padding Bottom: 200px
Padding Left: 30px

Color Settings

Background color: black
Text color: white

Background Settings

Background image: /coaching-pro/images/sample-hero.jpg
Background opacity: 80

Heading Text – H1

Text Align: Center


Text Align: Center


Justify: Justify items center

Text Color: Color 2
Background Color: white

See the Theme Colors article for an explanation of the color palette.