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The “Welcome” section on the homepage is constructed using blocks. When using Genesis 2.8.0 or newer, this section is installed when using the optional One-Click Theme Setup feature.

Container Block

This section is created with a Genesis Blocks “Container” block. In the settings for the Container block, we set the following options:

  • Width: Full-width
  • Top Padding: 10%
  • Bottom Padding: 10%
  • Inside Container Max Width: 1200px
  • Background Image: (default image bundled with the Theme)
  • Image Opacity: 90
  • Background Color: “White” #fff
  • Additional CSS Class: welcome

Content Blocks

Inside the Container block, we added two Paragraph blocks:

  1. A paragraph block containing the large Heading Text
  2. A paragraph block containing the Supporting Text

For the large Heading Text, the Font Size setting is set to Huge.
The Supporting Text uses default settings.