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Demo Homepage Blocks Guide

If you use the optional One-Click Theme Setup feature, a Demo Homepage will automatically be created for you. The demo homepage is constructed of various blocks using the Gutenberg editor.

This image shows the names of each block space and where it appears in the demo homepage. You can customize the demo homepage to best fit your brand.

To edit the Homepage, go to Pages > Home and begin editing the blocks.

Blocks Page Template

In older versions of Course Maker Pro prior to Version 2.1.0, we included a Page Template called Blocks. This Page Template is to be assigned when not using the Classic Editor, and removes extra padding at the top of the page.

In Version 2.1.0 of the theme, the page template and extra padding is removed.

Custom CSS Classes

Some blocks have limitations or settings which are not yet available to configure. For example, on Button blocks there is currently not a way to specify the link should open in a new window. With Course Maker Pro, we’ve created a way to set options like this on existing blocks, by adding custom CSS classes under the ‘Advanced’ section of the block settings. Here is a list of custom CSS classes and what they do in Course Maker Pro:

Add this custom CSS class to a Button block to open the link in a new tab/window.

Add this custom CSS class to a Button block to open the link in a lightbox modal window on top of the page content. You will need the “WP Video Lightbox” plugin installed and activated for this feature to work properly.