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Use this page to allow users to submit a form and contact you for further information. This page is developed using the Contact Form plugin of your choice. We recommend using Gravity Forms but WP Forms also works great.

Blocks Page Template

In older versions of Course Maker Pro prior to Version 2.1.0, we included a Page Template called Blocks. This Page Template is to be assigned when not using the Classic Editor, and removes extra padding at the top of the page.

In Version 2.1.0 of the theme, the page template and extra padding is removed.

Block Layout

By default, this page is created using the following blocks:

  • Paragraph
  • Paragraph – Replace with your Contact Form block or shortcode

Block Settings

By default, the blocks have the following settings assigned:


(default settings)

Your Contact Form block or shortcode

Download a Contact Form plugin and use its block here. If your plugin does not include a block, use the Shortcode block here and add your form’s embed shortcode.