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Intro Text

This section can be used as an extra chance to give users a little more context, to help them understand what to expect on your site. Provide a brief summary of what you are offering, along with a link to a video or other feature.

Block Layout

By default, this section is created using the following blocks:


  • Paragraph
  • Paragraph
  • Buttons

Block Settings

By default, the blocks have the following settings assigned:


Block Width: Full-width

Container Options

Padding Top: 5%
Padding Bottom: 5%
Padding Left: 8%
Padding Right: 8%
Margin Top: 0
Margin Bottom: 0
Inside Container Max Width (px): 900

Background Color

Background Color: Header BG Color

(2) Paragraph – Text

Text Align: Center

Text Settings

Font Size: Medium


Justify Content: Center


Additional CSS Class: wp-video-lightbox

Please note: When you add the CSS class wp-video-lightbox to a button block, it will open the link in a lightbox modal window on top of the page content. You will need the “WP Video Lightbox” plugin installed and activated for this feature to work properly.

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